Friday, November 10, 2017
Crypher - A haven for Crypto Hunters

Before, when people hear the word Crypto Hunting they normally relate it to the science of finding UFO, ghosts, and other mysterious and paranormal activities. But, that is far from the Crypto hunters of our world right now. The hype that Digital currency has brought to the online financial world currently so big that everyone seeks out the best and most stable cryptocurrency. The opportunity brought about by most cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and other alternative coins like Ethereum) has been transparent that many want to join the craze. Crypto Hunters are people who lurk and check online the progress and trades of Cryptocurrencies. They have wide and profound knowledge of the best and most stable digital currencies to invest into in order to receive the best gains and some can even predict which currency will stay and which will go. My desire to understand these people brought me to different web and social sites and somehow gave me a grasp of the in-and-out and the trade about it. Right now, there is a community site that provides a haven and venue to wannabe crypto hunters. Crypher is a forum site that bridges the seekers of cryptocurrency to discuss tips and tricks in finding cryptocurrency, get to know the crypto hunter from the area, and share sites that can provide profit and blacklist the scam sites so that members and visitors are not stuck with the site. To grow this community they will provide ad slot and install it on the forum, we also have provided token named Crypher, a token erc20-based to be sold to investors. This will be an opportunity for beginners (Newbies as they call it) to get practical and realistic advice for expert crypto hunters in their journey to understand digital currency. Check to link for more info: Currently they have a bounty program. Link at,10.0.html

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Thursday, August 16, 2012
Hope in Lost Things

Just this couple of months I lost things that I consider very important to my life. Though material, those have been part of my life that it contains sensitive materials could expose the very deepest part of me if held by personalities who are technically trained to decode information.

The loss have kept me devastated that I cannot think of other productive things to do. I can let go of the amount those lost things bring but not the information that it holds. Though at times the amount lost bothers me I tried to moved on and make use of whats left of those information.

One thing that I learn about the predicament is "Backup, backup, backup!" I am a technical person and always recommend others to keep a duplicate of important data but maybe Ive taken it for granted that I lost track of its importance. I envy other people who can easily detached themselves to their material belongings.

Another lesson learned is to always take good care of your belongings. Ive been too trusting that I became a victim of my leniency. No matter how safe you think the world is, always keep a tint of distrust to everybody. We can never tell what inside the mind of other people. Good or bad.

I guess what I should do is move on. Im positive that all those lost things, something better would come. I don't know when or how, but Im positive it will come. I hope it will come soon.

Update when it happens. Til then.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home at last!
For almost 9 months deprived of my homecoming, here I am savoring the experience.
I thought this would be another cause of disappointment. But  here I am, embracing the happy experience of being with my family.
Never was any of my homecoming before as sweet as this. It's like being granted of something you really wanted but just can't have. Maybe I'm just exaggerating the feeling but its just pure nirvana when I saw the faces of my loveones eagerly awaiting for me.
I don't know what is installed for me here in the days to come, but for know, what the heck, I'm just glad and feel safe to be back in my own territory...
*Pag-abot, for those who don't know, is our local term for "arrival".

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Sometimes it's hard when things doesn't fall as we have planned. Still disappointed with my canceled homecoming, I decided to make the most of my stay here and tune my energy to my work. I guess I don't have any choice anymore but to give in to their demands.
Forcing myself to prepare for my job was very tedious. It's like taking a medicine that taste very awful. But I kept reminding myself that it's just a month. After that I will be free to go home (as in sweet freedom!). At first it was a drag. Especially when I saw people again at work having query eyes why I am still here. Having new loads were an added burden. I feel it's not worth preparing for new subjects when in a month I will be leaving. But anyway I continued the day.
The day is almost over now and I'm still intact. The things I dreaded were not that bad and actually ok. I guess I'll just go with the flow and see what is installed for my one month stay here.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008
Failed Homecoming

Photo: 2006 hometrip via Cebu Pacific Air

Tonight is supposed to be my scheduled flight home. But due to some irritating reason, my company held it off 'til october (don't know what they'll think of again comes october). Honestly, I'm pissed-off about the late announcement and the change of plans. I already pictured myself in my home town next week. But what can I do? They refuse to give my last pay (Isn't it sadistic?). And that's the only reason I stayed this long. Anyway, another month won't hurt that much. I still have my friends to comfort me. Another thing, it's an added income. I just fear that they'll not give in to there end of the bargain to release me on october.
Well, let's just wait and see...


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Saturday, September 06, 2008
The Birth...

Got frustrated that my homecoming trip was canceled for another month, I decided to do something that will keep myself busy and put my mind away from dissappointment. Actually, photo blogging was something I wanted to do. But I was lazy to start it that I totally forgot about it. Not since I saw my friends' blog (Aileen G.) and photo blog (Niel A.) last night that the interest again caught my attention again.
Anyway, doing this is a bit of therapy for me. Sharing my sentiment is something I don't usually do, but hey, this is a blog. Well, I don't even know if somebody would be interested. But I'll try to post interesting events daily...

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